Hornsby Presbyterian Church is led by a team of leaders (known as Elders), one of whom serves in the church full time (formally known as our Minister).

The role of the Elders is to lead the church, to teach from the Bible, to pray with people and for people, and to model in their lives what it means to live as God’s people in the world.

The team of Elders is formally known as the Session (an old Scottish word for a leadership group).

James McFarlanE (Minister)

James & Amanda McFarlane

James grew up in a Christian family and came to a personal faith in Jesus in his late teens. Whilst hearing about God's love for many years prior to this, it wasn't until he was challenged to read the Bible carefully and discover the vital role that Jesus' death and resurrection plays in God's loving plan for the world. Ever since, he has been seeking to grow in his understanding of what it means to put Jesus first in his life. James is passionate about helping others to understand what God says in the Bible - both people who have been following Jesus for many years and, also, those exploring God's love in Jesus. Having grown up in the Hornsby Shire, James is excited to be working full-time in this new Gospel venture in Hornsby.

He is married to Amanda and they have three children in primary school.


Murray smith

Murray & Lynette Smith

Murray was blessed with a Christian family who taught him and showed him God’s love from the beginning. God worked in Murray’s life as a teenager and brought him to trust in the Lord for himself. Murray grew up in the Hornsby Shire and, having spent nearly twenty years in other parts of Sydney (and the world!), he’s glad to be back. Murray serves as a Lecturer in Biblical Studies at Christ College, the theological College of the Presbyterian Church in NSW. Murray loves to teach people from God’s Word in the Bible. His passion is to see God’s people grow up to become everything God created them to be.

Murray is married to Lynette and they have five children.




Jonathan & Emily Pratt

Jon was fortunate to grow up in a loving family and church that introduced him to Jesus at a young age. When his family moved to Malaysia with his father’s work, he was forced to reexamine his faith as an adult. A few years later in Sydney, a Christian friend invited Jon to investigate the eyewitness testimonies about Jesus in the Bible. As Jon heard the Bible taught by others, and read through the Bible for himself, God helped him through the Holy Spirit to grasp the centrality of Jesus in God’s mission to restore His good but broken world. Twenty years later, Jon is still learning about the full extent of his own brokenness and sin, and God’s over-the-top and life-transforming love for him in Jesus, through His Spirit. Jon serves as Director of the Centre for Pastoral Leadership at Christ College, the theological College of the Presbyterian Church in NSW. Jon loves to cultivate change and renewal in organisations and individuals, especially leaders. 

Jon is married to Emily and they have three boys at school.