TO the beginning – to God’s plan to gather all kinds of people from every part of the globe to enjoy him, to love each other, and to bless his world.

TO God’s people in the Bible – to Abraham and his descendants in Israel, to Moses and David and Solomon and the rest of God's chosen people of Israel, to Jesus calling twelve disciples to lay down their lives and follow him, to the Day of Pentecost, when God poured out his Spirit and gave new life to his church.

TO the early centuries of the church’s life to the Roman empire, when the good news of Jesus spread like wildfire as Jesus’ first disciples and those who followed them planted churches everywhere they went. To the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, when God renewed and reformed his church by calling it back to the truth of the Bible. And to seventeenth century England, and especially Scotland, where that Reformation produced what we now know as the Presbyterian Church.




TO the arrival of the good news about Jesus in Australia – to the planting of presbyterian churches across the country, and the formation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia in 1901.

TO 2014, when three families developed a vision for a new presbyterian church in Hornsby – to the development of a plan for this new church to play a part in God’s mission to bless northern Sydney with the good news of Jesus. 

TO February 2017, when God gathered a small team to plant the church.


Our Story Continues...


The truth is, our story is only a small part of God's great story. But our earnest desire is to see others gripped by God's love in Jesus Christ, and to join us in creating this story with God. Will you be part of our story?